World Class Coaches that give you the exceptional knowledge to build robust habits. Get personal with every aspect of your health, our program offers a hands on personal experience with 1-1 calls and Live Zooms with our coaches every week.

1 – 1 Calls & Live Zooms

This programme is completely unique with a level of personal accountability and interaction. Each lady has a nutrition, mindset and accountability Zoom every week. There is also 3 Live online workouts as well as workout recordings offering maximum flexibility for your routine.

Bulletproof Nutrition Plans

Here at LLA, it’s not about dieting. It’s about empowering you with the knowledge of how to incorporate the foods you love into your weekly eating plan.

Rewire your Mindset

Each week you will have a 1-1 call with Marie to refocus your mind. You can express how you are feeling and vent any negative thoughts that may be preventing you from moving forward. Each session is completed with the upmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Personal Mentors

When you sign up to LLA you don’t just receive access to one coach. You have access to a Mindset Coach, A Nutritionist & 2 Fitness Coaches. These coaches are on hand to help you at any time via the LLA Coaching Hub.

Stay on top and miles ahead of your mental health

A 60 Ladies Lifestyle Program offering online coaching plan including nutrition, mindset, exercise, accountability and an all-round lifestyle approach. We have 2 Fitness. Coaches, a Nutritionist and a Mindset Coach.

Your Productivity
Boosted With Ladies Lifestyle Academy

We have a hands-on approach and are always available for you. We give you the knowledge and habits to not only learn how to have a healthy body and mind over 60 days but also the tools to use for life.

Having done and taking part in every diet and weight loss plan under the sun I cannot recommend Ladies Lifestyle Academy enough. The support and help but most of all the education in terms of nutrition and exercise that I got from this course is invaluable

Joanne CareyLLA2

Everything took a lot of energy when I felt I had very little. I would exercise the odd time but there was no consistency and food wise I literally ate mindlessly as a pastime every evening. This resulted in feeling lousy and tired all the time and it was a vicious circle. LLA has been a gift!

Deborah TyrellLLA2

...was stuck in a rut, gaining weight which therefore made me turn to food even more for comfort, So It was a self-inflicted vicious circle. I did not allow any time out for myself in my week’s routine. Now I feel like a New Woman and want to keep it that way!

Jody HealyLLA2

The Wait Is Finally Over

LLA 5 Starts 14th March

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