LLA Founder & Coach

Michael Doocey

Michael has worked as a Fitness Coach & PT for 17 years. He has worked with all fitness levels and is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, EQF Level 3 Group Fitness Trainer & an EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer. He has run his own Fitness company MFitness since 2015 and is the current General Manager of ProFi Fitness School also working as an Exam Assessor for newly qualified PTs.

LLA Founder & Coach

Mikie Sweeney

Mikie has worked as a Fitness Coach & PT for 6 years. Mikie specializes in Female Body Transformations is an ITEC qualified Fitness instructor. Mikie is the co-owner of MFitness.  Mikie has a passion for sports & fitness & played inter county football for Mayo from 2010 – 2016

LLA Nutritionist

Siobhan Hennelly

Siobhan has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade. Siobhan qualified as a Fitness Professional while on her travels to Australia. Upon returning to Ireland Siobhan recommenced her work as a primary school teacher and also studied Nutritional Therapy. She co-founded Food Fitness & Fertility & began working as the LLA Nutritionist in June 2020.

LLA Mindset Coach

Marie Khalifa

Marie established her own Business: EduCoach Ireland in 2019. She has  brought together Coaching, Education and Health Promotion to provide an invaluable service to people that need help. She is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and realizing their dreams, because no one needs to have regrets!

Empowering people to succeed is one of the greatest gifts you can give to anybody.

Working as our Mindset Coach Marie helps Ladies to identify and work towards targets and aspirations, which they set for themselves, in a healthy and focused way.